Wednesday, October 14, 2009

2 years of Openlife.

Openlife exist 2 years this friday 'WOOT'
This saturday we will celebrate this fact on Vonda from 10am to 12pm UTC. Hosts are Dawny Cinquetti and KirstenLee Cinquetti. Everyone is welcome!

I remember the first day I signed up as if it was yesterday. We were glad not to get logged after 5 minutes and TP was not even implemented yet lol. We (KirstenLee and me) saw other Openlife residents that day and had already lots of fun. Getting stuck ie not be able to move or wanting to do things too fast for the server. But fun it was. In that first week we logged in every now and then to see how it was progressing. I did show my face in the chatroom but not much. In a few months things progressed fast. Moving was easier and TP was available. Thats when we got hooked on Openlife. The atmosphere there was so relaxed. Nothing hasty like other worlds. People were building and chatting with each other like the build they made didn't needed to be finished....
Meetings with the CEO/Founder of Openlife were special. We were talking about the future of Openlife. He asked us what we wanted to have to make the Openlife experience much better.

Openlife meeting one year ago.

So this was discussed and agreed on by all. This made me curious about the CEO/Founder and he turned out to be a great person that I have much respect for! KirstenLee and I wanted to support him and rented a region on mainland 'Corinth' and had much fun there building and having fun with friends.

Corinth in Openlife.

In the mean time KirstenLee had offered to build Openlife a viewer based on his other worlds viewer. That was appreciated of course. So much that he got employed by Openlife. Then Openlife saw an increase in sign ups and demands for regions, so we gave our region up so that a new owner could have the pleasure of it. Time went by and progress was made, credits etc. Sakai Openlife could use a hand in the forum and I said to be willing to help out there. That was really a day job sometimes but fun to do! When time went on and me being a member of the team I had alot of talks with KLee and Sakai about Openlife, this encouraged me wanting to help out in Openlife more than just being a forum moderator. Thats where my role as a Resident Liason in Openlife is based on. As someone said it very nicely, "I have a direct line with the Openlife team". We can find out if its needed to sent a 'support' ticket or a 'contact' us form.

Time moved on fast in Openlife.

People left and new people came, some of the people that left I have still contact with. Residents I never talked with are now friends and so on. It is a relaxed word and have 1 thing in mind. To build in peace and have many friends in the mean time. I hope that my contribution will be that this feeling will be brought out to new residents of Openlife and they bring it over to others inworld :)

Sakai, KLee and me, alias the 3 stooges ;)

Now we are about to celebrate Openlife's second birthday. Thank you for the oppertunity to contribute to it..... "CHEERS"

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